We just turned 6 years of active ministry since our launch. Recounting the journey is a great reminder of how we started. With the band’s vision proving vague, and its identity deeming unstable, we formed it anyway. Rehearsing in obscurity was our norm for several months, as we had to “insist” on ministry platforms. The usual forming challenges such as fluctuating membership commitment, resource scarcity, skepticism, and even ridicule pursued our ministry. But again, we started anyway. 

Over the years, all the challenges of a growing ministry have not necessarily disappeared. Despite their existence, we continue to appreciate the role they play in refining our craft. In the midst of these huddles, we have learned unsearchable lessons as God provided the wisdom and strength to overcome. And yes! God uses these undesirable experiences to test us for greater responsibility and to cultivate requisite character for his work. 

As Taraji Band aspires to touch lives worldwide through Godly music, the message of HOPE has been deeply engraved in our work. The methods and programs have evolved over time, but the message of this HOPE (Christ), has been consistent. Whether in a world-class platform or in an unknown learning institution, our message remains the same. The future promises vast service to God’s people. We will remain faithful in passing this message in whatever program/activity God gives us to do.

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